Monday, May 5, 2014

Roberts Court hand out another bad ruling.

Town of Greece V Galloway is another in a long line of poor decisions by the Roberts Court. His deciding vote has done irreparable harm to our Democracy at every turn.  From Opening the flood gates of monetized speech, the eradication of Privacy, the expansion of religion in government, the redefining of the ACA to a tax, making Medicare a pawn in political games, Patenting the seeds of plants to parties who do not grow the plants, defining corporations as people on a level never before seen, etc.

Chief Justice Roberts has shown the main drawback to lifetime appointments, he is young and has so much more damage he has to do before he will retire.  He is a stooge set up by a fool manipulated by the same men who have been in the White House for a generation. Is it any wonder that we are living in an America of militarized police, stifled speech, rampant private prison growth, mass exodus of manufacturing, financial collapse and wealth concentration not seen since the beginning of the last century. 

As for the current ruling, and the idea that Local Municipalities are not forcing participation through ostracization, they apparently have never been in the real world. From losing business, having lies spread about you, extrication from social circles, family strife.... All things that are consequences of not joining in the prayer and acting differently from the flock.  It is intimidation, coercion. establishment and endorsement.  I can tell you that these are not diverse prayers, these are not passive pleas for knowledge and guidance. These are prayers of anti homosexual, anti thought, anti science, anti poor, anti everything not contained in the little box of their religion.  It is disgusting that our highest court is made up of people too incapable of impartiality to see what they are doing to this Great Nation.