Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's the answers that matter

It's the answers that matter

Quiet and shy, alone in the crowd
Thoughts racing, pounding, forceful, loud
Ideas, imaginings, dogmatic repression
Longing escape, truthful expression

Consuming information of every kind
Slowly awakening, loosening the blind
Embracing the rational, the empirical, the truth
Divorcing himself from the shackles of youth

Making decision, finding his way
and endless grind repeated every day
How does it work? Yes, but why?
And a recurring answer: The Man in the Sky!

Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
What gives us morals?
What makes us queer?

The answers were lacking in depth and thought
It's Jesus, when we like it, But if not;
Then it was the Devil with trickery and lies
Binding us together in a web, like flies.

What about morality, is murder good?
What about when the Book says we should?
What about slaves and women and yeast?
What is this bit about a seven headed beast?

Incest and rape, pillage and plunder
Most of it done for the voice from the thunder
Slay them all who do not obey
How will this bring a more peaceful day?

Broken, and dirty, born into debt
To repay a gesture that is circumspect
You know all the answers, you can not die
How is that a sacrifice, sounds more of a lie

I have no faith in my formative fairy tales
They were proffered and, ultimately, failed
Jesus, Jonah, Solomon, Moses, Cain
The works of someone broken, insane

Ask again why I do not believe
The thing that brought me mental relief
The final piece that made my faith shatter
It's the answers, you see, the answers matter.