Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For the 10 to 30 million armed converging on Washington

My country is Obese 
Sweet Land of idiocy
Of thee I sing
Land where the NeckBeards thrive
Land where the racists hide
Behind every douchey Lie
Let dumbfuckery reign

My bunch of Hill Billies
Land of the thoughtless free
Angry and White
I love thy guns and Trucks
Thy stupid inbred fucks
My heart with disgust fills
Because of the above

Let lies swell the air
And ring from Fox's share
Sweet deception's song
Let moron's tongues awake
Let the vegetative partake
Let guns their silence break
The sound of Dumb.

Our Father's God is mean
Author of ignominy
To thee we pray
Long may our minds be dulled
With ignorance's holy light
Protect us from the blacks
Great God our delusion