Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's the answers that matter

It's the answers that matter

Quiet and shy, alone in the crowd
Thoughts racing, pounding, forceful, loud
Ideas, imaginings, dogmatic repression
Longing escape, truthful expression

Consuming information of every kind
Slowly awakening, loosening the blind
Embracing the rational, the empirical, the truth
Divorcing himself from the shackles of youth

Making decision, finding his way
and endless grind repeated every day
How does it work? Yes, but why?
And a recurring answer: The Man in the Sky!

Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
What gives us morals?
What makes us queer?

The answers were lacking in depth and thought
It's Jesus, when we like it, But if not;
Then it was the Devil with trickery and lies
Binding us together in a web, like flies.

What about morality, is murder good?
What about when the Book says we should?
What about slaves and women and yeast?
What is this bit about a seven headed beast?

Incest and rape, pillage and plunder
Most of it done for the voice from the thunder
Slay them all who do not obey
How will this bring a more peaceful day?

Broken, and dirty, born into debt
To repay a gesture that is circumspect
You know all the answers, you can not die
How is that a sacrifice, sounds more of a lie

I have no faith in my formative fairy tales
They were proffered and, ultimately, failed
Jesus, Jonah, Solomon, Moses, Cain
The works of someone broken, insane

Ask again why I do not believe
The thing that brought me mental relief
The final piece that made my faith shatter
It's the answers, you see, the answers matter.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For the 10 to 30 million armed converging on Washington

My country is Obese 
Sweet Land of idiocy
Of thee I sing
Land where the NeckBeards thrive
Land where the racists hide
Behind every douchey Lie
Let dumbfuckery reign

My bunch of Hill Billies
Land of the thoughtless free
Angry and White
I love thy guns and Trucks
Thy stupid inbred fucks
My heart with disgust fills
Because of the above

Let lies swell the air
And ring from Fox's share
Sweet deception's song
Let moron's tongues awake
Let the vegetative partake
Let guns their silence break
The sound of Dumb.

Our Father's God is mean
Author of ignominy
To thee we pray
Long may our minds be dulled
With ignorance's holy light
Protect us from the blacks
Great God our delusion

Monday, May 5, 2014

Roberts Court hand out another bad ruling.

Town of Greece V Galloway is another in a long line of poor decisions by the Roberts Court. His deciding vote has done irreparable harm to our Democracy at every turn.  From Opening the flood gates of monetized speech, the eradication of Privacy, the expansion of religion in government, the redefining of the ACA to a tax, making Medicare a pawn in political games, Patenting the seeds of plants to parties who do not grow the plants, defining corporations as people on a level never before seen, etc.

Chief Justice Roberts has shown the main drawback to lifetime appointments, he is young and has so much more damage he has to do before he will retire.  He is a stooge set up by a fool manipulated by the same men who have been in the White House for a generation. Is it any wonder that we are living in an America of militarized police, stifled speech, rampant private prison growth, mass exodus of manufacturing, financial collapse and wealth concentration not seen since the beginning of the last century. 

As for the current ruling, and the idea that Local Municipalities are not forcing participation through ostracization, they apparently have never been in the real world. From losing business, having lies spread about you, extrication from social circles, family strife.... All things that are consequences of not joining in the prayer and acting differently from the flock.  It is intimidation, coercion. establishment and endorsement.  I can tell you that these are not diverse prayers, these are not passive pleas for knowledge and guidance. These are prayers of anti homosexual, anti thought, anti science, anti poor, anti everything not contained in the little box of their religion.  It is disgusting that our highest court is made up of people too incapable of impartiality to see what they are doing to this Great Nation.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Roy Moore

Roy Moore is of the opinion that only Christians are protected by the first amendment of our Constitution. He is completely incapable of comprehending that those different from himself are afforded the same rights regardless of their faiths. That was the entire point of the constitution, equal protection for all. Not just for those he chooses, because the tyranny of the majority had been seen and that was the direct influence on our founders for making such an amazing document. It has its flaws, but those flaws do not include the ability of morons and ideologues to simply ignore the law. He was thrown out once for his inability to follow the simple task of being impartial, and the time has come for it to happen again. Tomorrow there will be a rally in Montgomery for the separation of church and state, I suggest we include a call for the removal of Moore and his crippling ignorance of the law, history and common decency.

Impeach Roy Moore