Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Roberts Court

Citizens United gave us Corporate people.  McCutcheon equates private money to free speech in the same way CU equates corporate money with free speech.  According to this Supreme Court you can purchase influence, access, and the right to choose who gets voted for.  Never mind that these rulings go against established law. Never mind that CU went beyond the actual issue of the case and legislated new rules that weren't even in question in the case.

Roberts, and his little Cadre of conservative pinheads, have done more damage to the mechanisms of Democracy than any entity in our history.  We are watching them change our Nation from a representative Republic to an Oligarchy right before our eyes.  There has never been a more pro business court, and the effects are devastating. The Roberts Court has expanded protections for Corporations in issues dealing with class action, human rights violations, sexual discrimination, wage issues, and they have embraced shifting corporate legal issues to arbitration instead of courts.  The result has been and will become more and more power granted to corporations in our government. It will lead to a tightly controlled group of extremely well funded candidates chosen by the rich and corporations. We will still have the illusion of Democracy, but it is a lie. When the choice is limited by those with money, the choice is not a choice.

America is declining rapidly, the wealth is being funneled directly into the coffers of the one percent. This is not paranoia or demagoguery, this is a demonstrable fact. We are watching trickle up economics completely erasing the gains of the citizenry over the last 70 years.  Is it any wonder that the middle class sprang to power during the highest corporate tax rates, the strictest campaign finance rules, the strongest anti-monoply legislation, and the biggest labor union movements?  We are watching our Nation being sold off to the highest bidder, and there is nothing we can do. George Bush made certain of that in his loading the Court with 2 of the most partisan Justices to ever sit on the bench... political stooges, not great men of the Law.