Saturday, March 29, 2014

Corporate Religion ... Monetizing Hypocrisy

Hobby Lobby has made the claim that funding a collective insurance pool that allows for birth control violates it's (the piece of paper that is the corporation) Religious Conscience. They say that there is no separation between the beliefs of the family owners and the actions of the company.  This would be an amazing change of corporate structure in the United States.  Corporations were created to remove owners from their corporations, as a shield to lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, liability and taxation. If Hobby Lobby wins will they accept the full consequences of their actions?

If, as Hobby Lobby says, corporations are only extensions of their owners and boards does it not follow that every act of the corporation is a direct act of those that control the corporations?  Would we not then be able to swear out warrants for car manufacturers that knowingly allow faulty ignition switches that have lead to deaths? Could we not hold BP officials personally responsible for the costs and damages incurred by the 2010 Gulf oil spill, and the negligent homicide of 11 individuals?  Could we demand prison time for the pilfering of the mortgage market by Jamie Dimone?

Of course this is not what they intend with their suit. They want to be able to dictate their moral views onto those that work for them.  They say that they believe that abortion is wrong, and that some drugs that may be covered in their insurance pool could cause abortions and so they should be allowed to not participate.  Where were their moral quandaries when they purchased goods from China, a state sponsor of abortion?  Why have they not banned all goods supplied by a communist nation that for decades had a forced abortion policy? Because it is not about morality. Corporations do not have morals, they do not have a conscience, or accountability, or doubts, or thoughts, or anything else associated with humanity. They are simply legal structures of organization for completing the tasks of business and providing a wall of protection for the owners.

Hobby Lobby has no soul, it has no God (other than profit) to answer to, there will be no day of judgement for this piece of paper in the ever after. The owners of Hobby Lobby believe that they should be able to use their wealth to tell people how they must behave at all times. They believe that they can hide behind their corporate charter and, at the same time, bind themselves into the charter as the soul of the corporation. They cannot have it both ways.

If the owners of Hobby Lobby wish to be the arbiters of morality for their employees, too bad. If they wish to not participate in the Insurance Market, they are free to do just that. They will have to pay a fine so that the subsidies for their employees will be covered. And if they want to be against abortion, I suggest they find new suppliers for their goods... but they won't because this is about money, and they need China, and their state sponsored abortion will never be a moral quandary for Hobby Lobby's bottom line.