Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The failure of modern conservatives

Recusal, ouster, resignation, impeachment, pay to play. This is the modern conservative party. This is the deep South, better than everyone else, Christian Evangelical movement.

Roy Moore incapable of doing his duties, Hubbard a fucking money laundering machine for self, friend and the national party. Sessions having to admit he is unfit to do his job the first week. Bentley having to quit after a year to avoid serious prison time. Strange only being a sensor because he refused to investigate the now shameful governor.

This is the legacy, this is the deep down truth of modern conservative Republicans. They are unfit to govern, care only about self, disregard the Constitution and their constituents.

The moral majority sure knows how to pick the most immoral among us. Perhaps they shouldn't be allowed to vote anyone in, their track record is shit.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Idiots Abound

2017, 33 years after 1984, so Orwell was pretty fucking close. If you look back at 1984 you can actually see the beginnings of the present. Iran Contra was beginning, G Gordon Liddy was already a hero for trying to steal an election. North became a hero. Reagan is a fucking deity, complete with a mythification and complete misunderstanding of his actions and the perception of those actions. The current conservatives would never elect him. He would be too weak on immigration, too willing to compromise, too accepting of welfare recipients and the poor.

We have Russian agents in the White House, this is no longer a question. You can google the fucking video of Trump asking for their help on live fucking television. You can trace the web of corporate (and Presidentialy personal) ties back to Putin himself. You can link multiple members of the administration directly to agents known to work directly for the FSB. We are allowing traitors to run our country, we sit idly by waiting for partisan hacks to investigate themselves. Nunes took classified information from White House staffers and exposed it to the media, hid it from other members of the Intelligence Committee, and then presented it back to the White House in some sort of smoke and mirrors bullshit.

Trump called and warn the Russians that he was going to bomb an airfield in Syria... the man who ran on the platform of secrecy from our enemies being paramount to our military success. He said that no military action should be taken in Syria without Senate approval... then lobbed missiles without any consultation, except with our fucking ENEMIES.

He has failed at his healthcare bill. He has failed at his religiously based immigration ban. He has blocked refugees from Syria and at the same time claimed that he bombed them as a humanitarian act... bombing the same people he refuses to give refuge to under the agreements of the geneva conventions and the UN charter.

He is a rapist, a thief, a liar, a fucking fool.

15% increase in gas prices. Lowest job rates in recent memory.  A stagnant stock market. A plan that will destroy the entire population of the poor. Cuts to every single social program we have ever created. The destruction of Medicare and Medicaid. Slashes to Social Security. Cuts across the board to everything except the military, his bull shit wall, and the police state. Then you have Sessions trying to reinvigorate the idea that mandatory minimum sentences do anything other than destroy lives and line prison pockets. As he does away with investigations into KNOWN police forces that work on the principles of racism.

The theft of a Supreme Court seat by McConnel and his gang of "the rules don't apply to us" Republicans. 9 months the stone walled and refused to do their duty under the Constitution. The Constitution that clearly states that the role of the President is to fill any vacancies to the SCotUS that happen DURING their term. The Constitution that States that the Senate is to give advice and consent to that same President.

Conservatives are traitors to our democracy. I have no other words to describe it. The ideas of freedom, equality, one man one vote... they are opposed to those ideals. That is why they gerry mander their districts... that is why they push voter limitations... that is why they change the Senate rules when they have power to give themselves more power... that is why they shut down the government when they don't get their way... that is why they prefer failure of our institutions over success of our people. They think money is the same as free speech, because they are paid to... They think that freedom is only for rich white men. Your vagina is not yours. Your home is not yours. Your property is for sale. Just ask pregnant women, those who have lost everything to idiotic seizure aws pushed by people like Sessions, people that live on the Mexican border that are having their property taken from them to build this wall. Ask Gays who have to fight idiots like Sessions, and Pence to be equal in the eyes of the law. Ask every poor person with a brain, every elderly person with an ounce of intelligence how the "plan" from Ryan would effect them...

Great? If this is great I don't want anything to do with America.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


It's been a rough couple of years, I've been so angry all the time. I rant and rave and yell into the nothingness trying to get a reaction, and nothing changes.
After alot of contemplation and introspection I have found peace. I have asked for Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of humanity to enter my heart and guide me. I am so happy now, so much more at ease. I feel a weight has been lifted, that I am finally able to calm my mind and not worry about things in this world, because the next will be so much better.
Hopefully I will not lose any friends over this decision...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Russia and Trump's Amerikkka

Look, Trump supporters are not smart, they do not think in terms of factual or reasonableness. they are driven by emotion and fear. Trump knows this, Bannon abuses it. The man tells lies over 65% of the time, and I am not even sure he knows he is lying. He just retweets and says shit he has read or watched on Alex Jones, Breitbart, Fox and Friends, or any other dubious "news site".

As for Russia... It is pretty much proven that his whole campaign was one big cluster fuck of collusion with a foreign enemy. His AG lied under oth about it. His NSA Directod resigned because of it. His First manager resigned because of it. His son in law was there at the meetings, many aides and staffers were there. THERE IS NO LONGER A QUESTION OF IF... Now we move to the stage of why. Why did the Trump campaign OPENLY call for Russian hacking of his opponent, if not to influence the election to his favor? Why did Trump immediately do away with sanctions that kept money out of the pockets of Exxon Mobil AND install one of their long time CEO's as his Secretary of State if not to enrich himself or those who would enrich him? Why is there a repeated attempt to discredit all news that is negative about hi as fake, if not to distract from the facts of his involvement in an enemy of the US stealing our democracy and installing a fucking Nazi they can control?

It is time for him, Pence, Sessions, Bannon, Miller, et al... TO GO. We don't need hearings, we don't need commissions, we don't need special prosecutors. We need the people to rise the fuck up and say NO MORE. Treason has one punishment, this is treasonous, this is a direct attack on the very foundations that our Nation is built upon.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nationalism, Fear and Lies

This is real, this is happening, this is wrong.

Trump has signed an executive order that bans people from entry into the Nation. People that were legally in flight to the US landed and were detained. People with Green cards are being denied entry. People with citizenship are being denied entry. People with waivers, jobs, family are being detained.

These people have committed no crimes, have no warrants, have no notice, have no recourse.  This is real, this is happening, this is wrong.

This is naked bigotry based on religion, and it does not affect countries that have had citizens attack us.  We cannot accept labeling people based on religion through our government.

 Amendment 1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Trump would have it read: 
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion except the ones with Jesus, or people with tremendous amounts of money; or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech , or of the press that I choose; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble in order to praise me, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

A judge has issued a stay against this unconstitutional and unconscionable act. But this is a temporary victory at best. Trump thinks he is King and will continue to push his agenda as policy... without the benefit of actually thinking about consequences.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Trump forgot to mention the Jewish victims... on purpose. The White House issued a statement that Jews weren't mentioned because others died too.  It is becoming obvious that the purveyor of Nazi news and false stories, Steve Bannon, is the one really in charge of messaging. Reince Preibus can do nothing to control these fascist fools.

So we watch as our Nation slips away from democracy and into Banana Republic territory. We watch as an uneducated, ego-maniacal, impulsive, man child with a complex about penis size destroys our Nation's ideals one pen stroke at a time. And we watch the Republican congress applaud... because they think they will get more power because of it.

History will remember what you have done and what you are planning to do. While many in this country have become ignorant fools incapable of discerning reality from reality TV... Most have not. We will fight you, your Nazi supporters, your fascist policies, your oligarchical economic plans, your attempts to silence scientific advancement from our taxes, your gag orders on public servants, your attacks on our intelligence agencies, you blatant lies about your inauguration, your war on real news, your embrace of Russia, your attempts to foment war with China, your threats of theft of foreign oil.

This is real, this is happening, this is wrong.

Fight back.

Speak out.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration of a clown

Today is the day. A thin skinned puppet of a foreign per will be hand the reins to the most powerful nation in the world.
The democrats will do nothing, the Republicans will do nothing, the media will do nothing. We will perish as a democracy because of social niceties and cowardice.
Today we watch the end of the free press, the end of our institutions, the end of our way of life.
We are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How fanatical terrorists are born

I keep getting into arguments with people about Sam Harris and his idea that Islam is the most dangerous religion / ideology currently in the world. I always disagree, I find all religion equally dangerous. I find all ideologies that make critical thinking a sin or affront to be unworthy of existence. And history shows this to be true in many instances.

Of course religions have good things, they are made by humans. Kindness, morality, charity, selflessness... these are human traits, not religious traits. The traits of religion that stand out are the inhumane treatment and absolute justifications used to destroy and dehumanize those outside of the tribe.  The dogma and teachings that can be twisted very easily. And the followers are swayed by their already poor abilities to grasp complex ideas and nuances.

Take ISIS, they are a result of the basic tenants of Islam when you couple them with a world literally attacking, bombing and killing people. This is an opening for twisted and deranged usage of the religion to carry out political and sectarian goals. It provides you with an easily led, unquestioning, violent, army of thoughtless zealots. Not because of the religion, but because of the perceived attack on the people of the religion and the ease with which to couple the two things into one.

Take the south in 1868, four years of death and destruction in a war seen as aggressively fought against their way of life. And then the freeing of the slaves, the decimation of the economy, the demagoguery of the blacks. And the rise of the christian terrorist group known as the KKK. It wasn't the doctrine that did it, it was coupling the doctrine and dogma with the pain and loss of the war and the sudden introduction of blacks into the society. The lie of the slaves being the cause of their suffering, the source of their shame of losing.

Take Midwest 2016, 8 years of lies from places like Breitbart, Fox News, Infowars, Limbaugh, Beck. 8 Years of birtherism, obamacare, fake economic statistics, racial demagoguery, religious demagoguery, echo chambers of hatred and vitriol, homosexual advancement, made up wars on Christmas, made up removal of religion from the public square, idiotic wealth ministries, advancements in equality and the perceived decline of the white male.

The rise of the demented union of neo nazis and evangelicals is a direct result of these 8 years of lies and hyperbole and self delusion. The stoking of these flames by a fucking thin skinned narcissist playing the fears and hatreds of the evangelicals like a virtuoso. Their inability to see the lies as they dripped like viscous bile from his lips and their quick response to his calls for violence should terrify every sane American left. They are well prepared to remove every protection we have in order to bolster their own power. They are giddy at the idea of forcing our citizens to register themselves so that they may be more easily identified and followed. They are eager to cast out 11 million people. They don't blink an eye at his casual ideas about the use of nukes. They side with the pussy grabber over the grabbed. All in their need for validation in their delusions and the lies he makes to get them to follow.

We are one step from Christianity becoming its own terrorist organization in the US. But it will not be a small group, it will not be guerrilla tactics or subterfuge. This is a time when we could quite possibly see the end of the constitution, the end of our secular Nation and the rise of a global terrorist Nation. Bent on forcing everyone to the small ideals and tiny notions of the Christian religion. At the behest of the strongest military the world has ever seen.

These are the things I fear... not Islam.