Saturday, February 3, 2018


I am 41 years old, I have been married 17 of those years, I have two wonderful children and a decent job. I pay my taxes, I speak my mind, and support my community. I have been told my whole life that the only path to morality is through a foundation is religion. Baptists, Methodists, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, Muslims... it doesn't matter which you ask, they all have the same answer. "We know the truth, we hold the keys to morality, we make the rules."

Explain Trump, evangelicals. I can wait. I can shift through the thousands and thousands of opinions and interviews. I can read your excuses and non apologies. I can see your fervent stares of fucking adoration. I can listen to the dismissals and conspiracies.

Your words are hollow, like your souls. You have no moral authority... you have abandoned morality, grace, and dignity in your pursuit of control. You trade your decency in favor of your bigotry. You trade your empathy to wallow in false persecution... pretending your ever so slight inconvenience is comparable or worse than the persecution you wage on any not a member of your tribe. You demand sexual purity and ignorance... while cheering for a sexual predator who pays off porn starts and has hookers piss on him. You Demand purity in marriage, but have no problem with an adulterer, thrice married, pussy grabber.

You claim divine, object morality... And shit on your neighbors because of their heritage, or color, or wealth. You fight for stickers that say Blessed are the peacekeepers... yet stand aside as Twittler attacks those same institutions for daring to do their jobs and defend IDIOTS, like you, from foreign influence and Domestic tyranny.

I will no longer listen to the cries of moral superiority from the morally bankrupt.

You want to tell me about Jesus? I don't deal with Nazis, pedophiles, rapists, thieves, murderers, traitors or those that deal with him... especially the kind that do it in the name of a fake God worshiped by hypocrites and liars.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shithole America

If you aren't outraged, if you don't call it racism, if you make excuses... I'm talking to you. Immigrants come here for a better life, that's how it works. Society is everyone collectively working together to make the average life better.

You fucking idiots think that everything is for you and those that look like you. Your entire world view is based on selfishness and greed. You are disgusting pseudo humans. You are incapable of empathy, sympathy or basic human decency.

You base your beliefs on what you have been told. Things told to you by horrible news sources, ignorant family members or religious leaders. You wrap yourselves in hatred disguised as nationalism or tribalism or white pride.

Your leader calls Nazis good people, he calls good people rapists. He denigrates every God thing about this nation and it's ideals and you fucking cheer. Not one of you is a native. Not one of you is pure. Not one of you had a fucking clue. These are not new tactics, and if you had any fucking amount of intelligence you would see it. If you ever bothered reading an actual history book or newspaper you would know.

But you shield yourselves from unhappy truths. You blind yourselves to seeing the reflections of yourselves in his hateful, bigoted words. So you make excuses or false equivalencies.

Trump is a racist for calling those Nations Shitholes. He is a racist for comparing all Mexicans to rapists. And all of you are too, through agreement or silence or acceptance.

And the policies this Twitler is pushing on is all will turn this into a third world country in our life times. His decimation of our social nets, our taxes, our labor laws, our federal agencies, our national parks, our education systems... How are you all so blind? How are you all so proudly fucking stupid?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The soul of the Republican party

It is being called a test of the Republican party. A test of their moral character, a test of their ability to put decency over party, a test of it's very soul.
Hate to tell you folks, there is no soul there. It has been rotting since Reagan used the religious right to gain power in order to destroy unions and sane taxation. It has been in decay since it aligned itself with the NRA, with it's guns over God mentality.
You just elected Donald Fucking Trump, and you think there is any salvation to be had? We just watched you defend him for defending literal Nazis. We saw the excuses you made for pussy grabbing and Russian collusion. We watch you attack the FBI, VISA, NSA in defense of Vladimir Putin... And you think there is a way back?
8 years of Benghazi, Obamacare repeals, stealing judge seats, refusing to do your fucking jobs, and you think this is the test?
No, friends, the test is done. You are unamericans, you have decided that hatred and ignorance are the path forward. You prefer lies that comfort you and support your biased beliefs. You support the worst of society. You just watched a nonexistent debate on changing the tax code of the entire nation, and you fucking cheered... Not knowing a single detail.
You have no soul, no morality, no decency, no ideals, nothing... You are the party of stupidity, the party of boot lickers, the party of expedience.
Damn you all.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Moore the kid fucker

9 women, 30 witnesses, corroborating evidence. Roy Moore is a fucking pedophile. He is also a bigot, homophobe, liar, self important asshole, unethical, super fanatical Christian.

This man has been removed from office twice because he believes that he is above and beyond the law. He believes that a non profit is how you are supposed to fund your life. He believes that gays aren't people, that blacks shouldn't be allowed to vote, that women are not fit for office.

Roy Moore is everything wrong with Alabama, Republicans, Christians and conservatives. He is the Avatar of the modern Evangelical. He is hypocrisy incarnate. He is a disgusting pig of a human, and was well before these allegations came to light.

He had a long history of open defiance towards the Constitution. He is a blatant bigot. And he is an opportunist of the highest order, using his self created persecution as a means to heighten his position in Alabama government, and the rise of white nationalists and deplorable Christians to propel him to the Senate.

He refused to debate, he despised having to answer questions because he is incapable of understanding simple concepts like equality, or civil rights. He is the worst of us, Alabama, please don't make him or latest embarrassment.

We already have the cartoon character that is Jeff Beauregard Sessions as our shame to bear, why add this pedophile to our already incest, toothless, ignorant image?

Vote Doug Jones, or stay the fuck at home.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

On Many Sides

The culmination of all that Trump has stood for since he lazily rode an escalator down to the pits of American mediocrity. A dead woman who was using her voice to protest hatred and bigotry... the same hatred and bigotry Trump rode to an unpopular election to the Presidency. The same hatred and bigotry that guides his decisions on his Attorney General (hey Jeff, you piece of shit), his border wall to keep out the rapists (because every Mexican is a rapist... didn't you know), his religious test on travel, his white nationalist strategist, communications director (speculation here that Miller will get the job), his Breitbart cronies with their dog whistle rag, his "repeal and replace" wait just "repeal", wait "let it fail" Obamacare ineptitude.

A woman was driven over... 19 others were injured at a rally the mother of the driver thought was a Trump rally. Which, of course, it was. These are his people. Immediately following the attack Trump did not decry the white nationalists... he made a god damned equivalency between the assholes who showed up brandishing fire, hate and weaponry with the people that showed up with words and reason and equality. This fucking buffoon isn't a leader, he is a demagogue, he is churning hatred to keep his 33% approval ratings. He will never stand up to the Nazis, his father was one, he embraces them as they embrace him. He knows where his power comes from... stirring up the stupid, hate filled idiots that voted for him.

If that offends you... GOOD. You are to blame for the single worst President in the history of the god damned Nation. You voted for hatred. You voted for ignorance. You voted for stupidity and vileness and smallness and meanness and down right disgusting behavior. I hope you are offended... because maybe there is a little bit of humanity left inside you. Maybe there is a glimmer of a decent human being still hiding inside the blackened pit where your soul should be. But if you are offended that I am pointing out your vileness and complicity with Nazis... fuck you, snowflake.

These people are terrorists. They are emboldened by a man who embraced their language, empowered their media outlets, and enjoined with their hatred to increase his influence. He watched as someone died as a direct result of their actions... and he blamed the fucking victim. He said peaceful protests are the same as terrorist attacks. He has no validity, he is not a President, he is nothing more than a parasite, one that you welcome into yourselves and feed with your actions thoughts and feelings.

I don't really blame Trump, he is just the outward symbol of the cancer infesting this Nation. You are the problem. You are the sickness. Your religions of hatred, your ideologies of racism, your dogma of anti-intellectualism. You are a festering boil to be lanced, an infection to be eradicated, a disease to be driven out of our collective national body. You are terrorists to be hunted down and destroyed. Because this is not your country, it is our country and we have a responsibility to make it better than it was yesterday... and that cannot be done with you in it.

Fuck all of you Nazi bastards.

Friday, May 5, 2017

So much bad shit

Roy Moore is running for Senate. Kay Ivey thinks discrimination for God is a right. Donald Trump is still President. Paul Ryan looks super smug when he sentences poor people to die. The GOP is full of soulless bastards. Religion is more important than anything... even your own fucking body. Did I mention Trump is still President?

We are T Totally fucked, people. The house has presented and passed a Healthcare bill.... that they didn't read, score, debate or release to the public before the vote. I remember, during the year of the ACA being constructed, debated and scored... that it was "too rushed" and "being crammed down our throats". These from Paul Ryan, the biggest hypocrite walking the land. A one trillion dollar tax break for the 1%... 200,000 dollars cash money each... THAT IS WHO THESE FUCKS WORK FOR.

Millions to lose benefits... people like the alabama legislature deciding if you need coverage for your pre-existing condition... the same people that spit on the ACA and pissed on the Medicaid expansion. The place with some of the highest health issues in the Nation... The "just pray about it" fucking morons. Yeah, that'll work out great.

Religious "freedom" laws everywhere. More like "Jesus told me to hate you because you are different" laws, It is fucking revolting watching these fanatical, holier than everything, asshats shoving their religion right into the vaginas of every woman and the brains of every child. Their false persecution narrative makes me want to see them all actually persecuted, just so they have a little fucking perspective on their fucking privilege.

Anyway, everything is fucked. The Government can not function. The Democrats are full of liars who want to control who you can vote for and don't care about your opinions. The Republicans are full of religious assholes who think you deserve to die... because Jesus wouldn't let you suffer if you were a good person. The left is too fucking hung up on butt hurt minorities, to the point that everyone must suffer if anyone is even slightly uncomfortable.  I am all for equality, but atleast be fucking grown up capable of dealing with issues on your own without assuming everything is a god damned slight on your particular WHATEVER. Yes, systemic racism is a huge problem, bigotry and misandry, wage theft, economic inequality, human rights violations,  educational discrimination, problems with opportunity... It is all real and I want to fight with all of you to progress our society and change these ills. But if all we do is argue amongst ourselves over who is more minor, who gets the shorter stick, who's feelings are more valid.... we GET PRESIDENT FUCKING TRUMP.

We have to accept that people are different, and them not agreeing with you on how horrible it is that the scrotum-less guinea gnat is having a hard summer isn't a deal breaker when working on universal healthcare.  Get the fuck over yourselves and band the fuck together. The right does it. Christians and Nazis, Blacks and Hispanics, Women and "Men". They put aside the bullshit long enough to make the world that much worse for all of us... WHY THE FUCK can't we, the reasonable ones, the ones with the facts on our side, the ones who have fought for equality and acceptance, accept eachother as we are and fix this shit? Wake up people, we cannot afford this division based on nothing but butt hurt and the desire for attention.

The Democratic party is a failure. We have 18 months to build a better party. 18 months to purge the current party and replace it's current leadership with actual progressives. A platform of universal healthcare, minimum income (not wage), a progressive tax code, a reigned in military, a sane immigration system and amnesty program, a foreign policy based on economics and social equality. We can do that if we actually try. Yesterday... when the right voted to take away healthcare from the poor and stuff the pockets of the rich... Every single democrat voted to exempt themselves from those rules. THEY ARE NOT US, AND THEY SHOW IT.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The failure of modern conservatives

Recusal, ouster, resignation, impeachment, pay to play. This is the modern conservative party. This is the deep South, better than everyone else, Christian Evangelical movement.

Roy Moore incapable of doing his duties, Hubbard a fucking money laundering machine for self, friend and the national party. Sessions having to admit he is unfit to do his job the first week. Bentley having to quit after a year to avoid serious prison time. Strange only being a sensor because he refused to investigate the now shameful governor.

This is the legacy, this is the deep down truth of modern conservative Republicans. They are unfit to govern, care only about self, disregard the Constitution and their constituents.

The moral majority sure knows how to pick the most immoral among us. Perhaps they shouldn't be allowed to vote anyone in, their track record is shit.